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Wie is Dimitar Neshev ? A bit about the Artist...

Dimitar Neshev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a student in the High School of Fine Arts, Sofia he was trained in the classical traditions of drawing, painting and sculpture. He continued his artistic education in the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia specializing in Painting. 

After completing his education, Dimitar moved to Canada where he won several International Art Competitions and participated in numerous art shows in the U.S. and Canada. His paintings are on public display in government buildings in Ottawa, Canada; National Art Museum of Bulgaria; the City Museum of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria and private collections. 

In 1996 Dimitar relocated permanently to U.S. He worked as a commercial artist, illustrator and art director for leading companies in the apparel industry. For the past few years Dimitar has been working as a free lance artist from his Florida studio saddled on five acres which he dedicated to preserving the wildlife.